Neal Koblitz critiques modern cryptography.

Victor Duchovni Victor.Duchovni at
Tue Sep 4 16:46:58 EDT 2007

On Sat, Sep 01, 2007 at 12:35:33PM -0400, Perry E. Metzger wrote:

> A critique of modern cryptography by Neal Koblitz in "Notices of the AMS":

The way I read it, it is a critique of the (somewhat inevitable) poor
quality of peer-review for conference proceedings, and the author is
indirectly complaining that more traditional journals are not always
the norm for crypto research that sets best-practice standards.

In a nutshell: important ideas deserve time, rather than Internet-time.

This part is not too radical. The more specific scepticism of security
proofs (I am reluctant to agree that these are actively harmful), seems
to be a combination of the peer review issue above, and (often?) lack of
tight bounds that make the proofs applicable to realistic parameter sizes.


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