307 digit number factored

Nate Lawson nate at root.org
Thu Oct 11 14:57:29 EDT 2007

Joachim Strömbergson wrote:
> Nate Lawson skrev:
>>> Some EC primitives in the latest OpenSSL.
>> Because various standard forms of EC were never covered by patents.
>> This has been rehashed many times, for example:
>> http://www.xml-dev.com/pipermail/fde/2007-July/000450.html
> IANAL but IMHO this is only partially true. Try doing an efficient
> implementation in HW of ECC and not stepping on Certicom patent toes. SW
> implementations are probably ok though.

I disagree.  I was referring to the *standard* case (no point
compression, no special performance tweaks).  If you're building
something high performance, choosing special curves, etc., you're in a
different playing field.  Whether it's possible to do an efficient
implementation in hw without resorting to those techniques is a very
specific question that I won't answer here.

I won't go into any more detail since it's not a good policy to publicly
discuss patents.  I just wanted to respond to the FUD that the original
poster was spreading re: EC being covered by patents that had expired.


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