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Peter Gutmann pgut001 at
Mon Oct 8 22:52:12 EDT 2007

Marcos el Ruptor <ruptor at> writes:

>I found those threads:

One of them contains a link to an older thread:

with this gem:

  Speaking as a software developer, if I ever had someone on my forums who's
  posts consisted solely of questions about how my private encryption systems
  work [an earlier post by a crypto-savvy person had asked about use of DH
  primes, the block cipher encryption mode used, and so on], I would ban them
  and report them to their ISP without a second thought.

  If you're interested in creating good encryption, learn the principles:
  encryption schemes are weakened when they are based on someone else's work.
  So if you're honestly wanting to make good encryption for Trillian, its a
  bad idea to try to use CS's work as a base.

Bruce, one for your next Cryptogram?


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