FW: NIST Issues Call for a New Hash Algorithm

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> Subject: NIST Issues Call for a New Hash Algorithm
> NIST has opened a public competition to develop a new 
> cryptographic hash algorithm, which converts a variable 
> length message into a short "message digest" that can be used 
> for digital signatures, message authentication and other 
> applications. The competition is NIST's response to recent 
> advances in the cryptanalysis of hash functions. The new hash 
> algorithm will be called "SHA-3" and will augment the hash 
> algorithms currently specified in FIPS 180-2, Secure Hash Standard. 
> The competition has been announced in the attached Federal 
> Register Notice (SHA-3_FR_Notice_Nov02_2007.pdf); a more 
> readably formatted version is provided in 
> SHA-3_FR_Notice_Nov02_2007 - more readable version.pdf.
> Entries for the competition must be received by October 31, 2008. 
> Further details of the competition are available at < 
> http://www.nist.gov/hash-competition >.
> Regards,
> Shu-jen Chang
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