Picture signatures as (hand-held device) biometric passwords?

Victor Duchovni Victor.Duchovni at MorganStanley.com
Fri Nov 2 08:40:32 EDT 2007

Via Slashdot:


An interesting variant on biometrics, can't easily be reproduced with
pieces of one's body separated from the whole, and involves in part
something remembered. No hard numbers were provided on FP/FN rates.  Also,
no mention of how "compexity rules" might be handled. CISOs might not
be too happy without a warm fuzzy that their users have decent passwords
on their BlackBerry devices. Is my "X" more secure than your "X"?

This may not work for everyone, some people are more verbal-sequential
than visual-spatial. I for one don't really have a stable hand-written
signature, but have no problem memorizing long passwords (and can store
them in a password-safe).


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