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>  1) Do you believe the physics?  (Most people who know physics seem to.)
For those who would like to know a little more about the physics, see:

<http://www.icfo.es/images/publications/J05-055.pdf>, "Quantum Cloning",
Valerio Scarani, Sofyan Iblisdir, and Nicolas Gisin. This is a late
2005 review and of eavesdropping techniques for QKD. Much of the
terminology of quantum physics is unfamiliar to me but I think the
paper states that Eve could theoretically get 5/6 of the bits through
cloning and to keep this from happening, Alice and Bob have to assume
an eavesdropper if more than 11% of the bits have errors.


"One-Time Pad Encryption of Real-Time Video1", Alan Mink, Xiao Tang,
LiJun Ma, Tassos Nakassis, Barry Hershman, Joshua C. Bienfang, David
Su, Ron Boisvert, Charles W. Clark and Carl J. Williams - a more
accessible paper describing a working system where NIST claims bit
error rates in the 3% range while generating key material at greater
than 2Mb/s. Its not clear whether the bit error rate is before or
after an error correction stage but the paper discusses how bit error
rate reduces the overall result after privacy amplification so I
believe they have thought of Eve cloning photons in flight.


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