Free Rootkit with Every New Intel Machine

Ivan Krstić krstic at
Sat Jun 23 00:03:23 EDT 2007

Jeff.Hodges at wrote:
> the way in that IT depts ensure that don't turn 'em off 
> (as I understand it) is they set the BIOS admin password on their "assets" 
> (computers) before their give them out.

Right, but I think people's fears about Active Management are mostly
related to personal machines. If you're using a work-issued laptop,
you're already more or less at the complete mercy of your IT admins. AMT
gives them the ability to make the chokehold they already have over your
machine stronger.

The really troubling question that I see is how we can ascertain that
AMT can't be enabled remotely on an arbitrary machine. Let the
conspiracy theories begin.

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