Quantum Cryptography

Victor Duchovni Victor.Duchovni at MorganStanley.com
Fri Jun 22 10:37:26 EDT 2007

On Thu, Jun 21, 2007 at 10:59:14AM -0700, Ali, Saqib wrote:

> >    - Quantum Cryptography is "fiction" (strictly claims that it solves
> >      an applied problem are fiction, indisputably interesting Physics).
> Well that is a broad (and maybe unfair) statement.
> Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) solves an applied problem of secure key
> distribution. It may not be able to ensure "unconditional" secrecy
> during key exchange, but it can detect any eavesdropping. Once
> eavesdropping is detected, the key can be discarded.

Secure in what sense? Did I miss reading about the part of QKD that
addresses MITM (just as plausible IMHO with fixed circuits as passive

Once QKD is augmented with authentication to address MITM, the "Q"
seems entirely irrelevant.


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