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Subject: IEEE 1667 Approved December 5, 2006
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IEEE Press Release at

IEEE 1667, "Standard Protocol for Authentication in Host Attachments
of Transient Storage Devices", was approved December 5, 2006.

Transiently-connected storage devices include devices in wide use such
as USB flash drives, mobile phones, PDAs, and mp3 players. This
standard impacts secure uses of such devices in, for example,
important economic areas employing mobile phones for ordinary
commercial transactions, now common in Asian and European countries.

IEEE 1667 is sponsored by the Computer Society with the Information
Assurance Standards Committee (IASC) leading a joint project with the
Storage Systems Standards Committee (SSSC) and supported by the Task
Force on Information Assurance (TFIA) and the Mass Storage Systems
Technical Committee (MSSTC).

This is the first Information Assurance standard to be published by
the IEEE, and is one of several projects being developed through the
combined efforts and support of IEEE Computer Society standards and
technical committees with expertise in complementary information
technology areas.

Jack Cole
Chair, Information Assurance Standards Committee

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