SSL Server needs access to raw HTTP data (Request for adivce)

Richard Powell crypto at
Sat Jan 13 22:03:18 EST 2007


I was hoping someone on this list could provide me with a link to a tool
that would enable me to dump the raw HTTP data from a web request that
uses SSL/HTTPS.  I have full access to the server, but not to the
client, and I want to know exactly/precisely what the client is

I've considered a few options, including....

 eg... using apache_request_header() from php
    Need to have php installed as module, which I don't.
    Also, not sure it would give me the complete RAW stream that I want
    and didn't want to waste my time installing a test server if it
    wasn't going to fully work.
 eg... tried using "openssl s_server -accept 443 -WWW -debug -msg
    This option didn't seem to display/dump the raw HTTP stream.
    I could not locate an option that would enable seeing this

I've been searching google for hours for some sort of tool to no avail.

If I don't find a reasonable/quick option, my next solution is going to
be to hack the s_server.c file from openssl and add the necessary
statements to dump the desired stream.  I'm not too excited about this
option, but I suppose if that's the best option I have, then so be
it.  :)

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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