DESCHALL Classic Client Source Code Released

Joachim Strömbergson Joachim at
Sat Feb 17 08:46:18 EST 2007


Matt Curtin skrev:
> Hello everyone.
> It was at the RSA Conference ten years ago that the Secret Key
> Challenges were issued, including the original DES Challenge.  Rocke
> Verser's DESCHALL project, of course, went on to win that contest.
> Source code for the project was covered by a ten-year non-disclosure
> agreement.  Rocke has granted me permission to release the source code
> for the classic fast DES key search clients and I have done so.
> Additional server-side code, including the UDP<->HTTP proxies (both
> sides) and the code for running the client distribution center, is
> also available.
> All of the goodies are at

Very cool, but the webserver seems to be down.

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