Failure of PKI in messaging

James A. Donald jamesd at
Thu Feb 15 23:51:32 EST 2007

 > > My proposal closes off the major attack path

John Levine wrote:
 > It doesn't do anything about the obvious attack path
 > of phishing credentials from the users to stick bogus
 > trusted entries into their accounts.

Actually it does.  Think about it.

 > My examples showed all sorts of benign looking
 > situations in which users provide their credentials to
 > parties of unknown identity or reliability.

I don't see that your examples have any relevance to my
proposals.  The word "credential" is nowhere mentioned
or relevant,  nor is providing one's credentials to
criminals a problem unless one's crediential is in fact
a shared secret, such as a credit card number.  So we
should not use shared secrets any more - that is a given
for any and all serious proposals.

Your criticism is not a criticism of my proposal, it is
a criticism of using the same password all over the net.

          James A. Donald

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