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On Thu, Feb 08, 2007 at 04:29:25PM -0800, Saqib Ali wrote:
> i have been tasked by my advisor to create series of mini-lectures
> slides on the topic of cryptography for a freshman year CS class.

You know, you shouldn't use the Internet to ask people to do your
homework for you... ;-) j/k

> any thoughts? the resource has to be related to quantum crypto...

Well, this company sells quantum cryptography devices:

On the other side, any link collection on quantum _cryptanalysis_
wouldn't be complete without Shor:

I went to one of his lectures at my university, and it was one of
those experiences where you know they're speaking English, but it's
just not communicating information to you.  Usually this means one of
two things; either they are trying to fool you, or you are the fool.
I'm convinced it was the latter. I know an EPR pair from a quantum
decoy, but I still have no idea what the angles on his graphs had to
do with QC and superposition.

Lots of good papers on his electronic publications list:

He points to this wiki:

This page is about the watershed paper:'s_algorithm

And this page attempts to illustrate it:
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