2008: The year of hack the vote?

John Denker jsd at av8n.com
Tue Dec 25 11:19:14 EST 2007

On 12/23/2007 08:24 PM, ' =JeffH ' wrote:

> 2008: The year of hack the vote?

Shouldn't that be:
  2008: Another year of hack the vote yet again?

There is every reason to believe that the 2000 presidential
election was stolen.  A fair/honest/lawful election would
have made Al Gore the 43rd president.

There is every reason to believe the situation was even
worse in 2004.  If the election had been fair/honest/lawful
Kerry would have won be a wide margin.

Flipping Ohio's 20 electoral votes would have been sufficient
all by itself to flip the election from Kerry to Bush ... and 
there is plenty of evidence of widespread fraud in Ohio.  See 
e.g. the Conyers report,

And Ohio was only the tip of the iceberg;  there was large-
scale hanky-panky in Florida and many other states.

I like the book by  Prof. Steven F. Freeman & Joel Bleifuss,
  _Was the 2004 Presidential Election Stolen_?
Most of the crucial information can also be found on Freeman's 
web site
but the book is much better organized and easier to read.  The
book is dispassionate, scrupulous, and scientific ... which is
something you don't often see, especially in the political sphere.

Another book is by Mark Crispin Miller,
  _Fooled Again_
which is more passionate and less technical.  It takes a broader
view of the subject, and is far easier to read, especially for
readers who are not well-versed in statistics.

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