PlayStation 3 predicts next US president

Allen netsecurity at
Sun Dec 2 15:28:27 EST 2007

William Allen Simpson wrote:

> There are no circumstances in which any reputable certifier will ever
> certify any of the "multitude" containing a hidden pdf image, especially
> where generated by another party.

Given what we know about the limitations of people, their 
response to ethics, and the endemic nature of ego and bribery 
around the world (See list of a few samples below) I would very 
much doubt that this method won't be used one day. When? Who 
knows. But as someone who rarely bets, this is one I'd bet on.

How about the Teapot Dome Scandal, Enron, WorldCom, Michael 
Milken and all the others we find in our daily papers?

Or to move into an area where no money changed hands, look at:

and look at the corruption of public officials which put people 
to death based on lies. Read up on why the Governor of Illinois 
pardoned everyone on Death Row a few years back.

See: criminal/ npftf/ pr/ press_releases/ 2007/ 
may/ 05-11-07lucas.pdf

Then, of course, there is the Transparency International 
Corruption Perceptions Index:

Then, too, there is the Internet Center for Corruption Research:

Ego/bribery/corruption is so common, and it effects most commonly 
found after the fact, that to expect that a now "reputable 
certifier," won't become corrupted in some manner, like the 
notaries in Southern California in the elder fraud scandal, is 
placing trust in a system without verification. It takes periodic 
external audit to ensure the continued honesty of all certifiers. 
This is what SOX in the US is attempting, but like most things, 
never perfect the first time.

(BTW, I don't recall when or where, but recently there was a 
comment on a list dealing in and around cryptography that went 
approximately, "Who would of thought that this list would be 
about philosophy?" (Not a quote, just an aging memory if I got 
the essence wrong.)



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