Citibank e-mail looks phishy

Anne & Lynn Wheeler lynn at
Thu Nov 23 11:23:51 EST 2006

and now for some different threat vector:

Banks face growing threat of identity theft from insiders

from above:

Banks are pouring money into building formidable defenses against computer hackers, but are only just waking up to what may be a bigger threat--the physical theft of client information by people in the office.

.... snip ...

it isn't exactly new news ... insiders have always been considered the major threat ... whether it is physical theft or various kinds of electronic data breaches and/or security breaches. 

misc. past items ...

Study: ID theft usually an inside job
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other insider threat

i've frequently commented in the past that the stuff about external threats that make the popular press has frequently obfuscated the source of the major threats (for all i know, insider attacks may even take advantage of the added confusion and ambiguity introduced by the prospect of internet-based attacks).

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