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Saqib Ali docbook.xml at
Tue Nov 7 08:16:10 EST 2006

Hello Alexander,

> My guess is that slow compilation is a result of access time
> misconfiguration: if a filesystem has access time enabled, then each
> time a file is read, the file system updates access time on disk. A
> solution is to set noatime option on the filesystem used for
> compilation.

This is a good info. Do you how this can be done on windows?

> P.S. Probably of interest for disk benchmarker: disk performance
> depends on which cylinders are used, so if one has two partitions (one
> near the center and another one near the outer edge of the disk)
> performance on these partitions can be different.

Good point. That is why I made sure that I had only 1 partition, and i
used the fasted drive in the market available for laptops. :-)


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