Can you keep a secret? This encrypted drive can...

Peter Gutmann pgut001 at
Mon Nov 6 23:22:08 EST 2006

"Saqib Ali" <docbook.xml at> writes:

>I compile a lot of software on my laptop, and I *certainly notice* the
>difference between my office laptop (no encryption) and my travel laptop
>(with FDE). The laptops are exactly the same, with the same image loaded. The
>only difference is the FDE software that is installed on the travel laptop.

That's because you're doing something that produces worst-case behaviour.  The
(obvious) solution is the standard "don't do that, then".  My main development
machine builds to a RAM drive, and for some odd reason I don't notice any disk
access latency at all.

>But that is because it only support 128 bit AES, which is a major drawback as
>most enterprise settings require at least 256 bit AES. 

"Realising the importance of the case, my men are applying twice the usual
 amount of tinfoil".


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