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> James Gleick's NYT article on the OED mentions "cypherpunk"
> among the words recently added to the dictionary.
> The page requires registration to access, though there are enough
> popular pseudonyms that have done so; I don't know if any of the
> "cypherpunks/somepassword" combinations still work;
> I've been using one of the no-response email systems for my login.
> I don't have a subscription to the online dictionary to
> see what they said about it.

University libraries are useful...

	Cypherpunk, n.

	Computing slang.

	    A person who uses encryption when sending emails in order to
	ensure privacy, esp. from government authorities. 1992 Mondo 2000
	No. 8. 37/4 I've heard that cypherpunks are already distributing
	their encrypted email software, which is quick and slick. 1995
	Wired Jan. 149/1 Parekh, a young, anarchistic cypherpunk, is
	dedicated to privacy through strong cryptography. 2005 P. KEEFE
	Chatter vii. 169 Their articles were translated from Danish into
	English and French and replicated again and again on the Web,
	posted on Cryptome and debated by Cypherpunks, forwarded around by

They are open to comments and criticisms...  One caveat: for citations,
they want *only* written works for the citation section.

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