Tunnels accelerate MD5 collisions

vlastimil.klima at volny.cz vlastimil.klima at volny.cz
Tue Mar 28 04:51:27 EST 2006

Hi all,
according to my paper "Tunnels in Hash Functions: MD5 Collisions
Within a Minute" I programmed tunnels for searching the second
block of MD5 collision message also. In the zero version of the
program I used tunnels only in the first block to demonstrate the

It took 23 seconds, now it takes 1 second. Together with the first
block (optimized from 60 s. to 30 s.) it generates a MD5 collision
per 31 seconds in average (slow notebook Acer, Pentium, 1.6 GHz).
The paper, source code and Windows exe is available on

Vlastimil Klima

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