ISO rejects WAPI (for now)

Joachim Strombergson joachim at
Thu Mar 16 02:00:20 EST 2006


David Johnston wrote:
> Joachim Strombergson wrote:
>> I don't know if you have seen this, but ISO rejected the WAPI standard 
>> proposal, opting instead for 802.11i/WPA2.
>> How terrible, AES instead of the secret sauce-cipher. ,-)
> WAPI is no longer secret sausce. It has been published in Chinese, 
> including the formerly unpublished SMS4 block cipher.

Great, now could anybody please decipher the Chinese-encrypted 
description? ;-)

On a more serious note, has anybody done any analysis of SMS4 yet? The 
only thing I could find when Googling was this ISO document related to 
the fast track-effort. The actual text about SMS4 is rather brief:

Med vänlig hälsning, Cheers!

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