bounded storage model - why is R organized as 2-d array?

Bill Stewart bill.stewart at
Fri Mar 10 05:38:54 EST 2006

At 10:37 AM 3/9/2006, Chris Palmer wrote:
>Right, but even though a 1.5GHz machine is a bit old (heh...) for a
>workstation, my dinky little Linksys WRT54GC wireless AP still needs to
>AES-encrypt a theoretical maximum of 54Mbps when I turn on WPA.

Unless you're using your Linksys for file-sharing between machines at home,
you're not likely to be encrypting more than about 6 Mbps
(or whatever DSL and Cable Modem do these days in better cities.)

>Thus, something faster than AES, but still strong, would be nice. Your
>point about CPU cache size vs. pad size is well-taken, though.

I'd trust RC4-used-correctly before trusting Tri-Strata,
if there weren't so much bad history of people misusing RC4...

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