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Thierry Moreau thierry.moreau at
Thu Jan 26 14:28:44 EST 2006

Travis H. wrote:

> In this article, Bruce Schneier argues against the practicality of a
> one-time pad:
> I take issue with some of the assumptions raised there.
> [...] Then a $1
> CD-ROM would hold enough data for 70000 years of communication! [...]
> So my questions to you are:
> 1) Do you agree with my assessment?  If so, why has every crypto
> expert I've seen poo-pooed the idea?

You shift to the problem of filling CDs with pure random data. Which 
physical property do you want to sample and with which type of hardware 
do you expect to sample it and at which rate, and with which protection 
against eavesdroping during the sampling? At what cost? With what kind 
of design assurance that the pure random data is indeed pure and random?

Have fun.


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