CodeCon + Chinese New Year Treasure Hunt

John Gilmore gnu at
Mon Jan 23 02:26:36 EST 2006

[Moderator's note: Not our usual fare, but since a bunch of people
reading this list will be at codecon I thought I'd forward it
anyway. --Perry]

An annual mass treasure hunt, roaming part of San Francisco for clues,
occurs on Saturday, Feb 11th, the middle day of CodeCon.  By skipping
2-1/2 evening hours of Codecon, you could dodge dragons and fireworks
in Chinatown while puzzling out history, rhymes, or puns with a roving
team of friends.  Rain or shine.  Bring good walking shoes & outdoor
gear.  Let's made some Codecon teams (or you can just show up).  The
huge Chinese New Year parade will be happening at the same time,
providing an even more colorful backdrop than the usual bizarre
Chinatown ambiance.  Info and rules are here:

Here's a sample clue:

  King Ludwig had one; so did William Randolph Hearst. These are some
  others. If you know what they are, you'll know which street to
  search on: Edinburgh Dover Windsor Corfe Arundel.

It's a great way to see some odd and interesting corners of SF's Chinatown,
North Beach, and the waterfront.  See you there.


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