SIGINT and the prisoner "rendition" scandal

Steven M. Bellovin smb at
Tue Jan 10 14:42:44 EST 2006

Without going into the details of the purported CIA "rendition" of 
prisoners to other countries ("it's not torture; we're just outsourcing 
interrogration to places with less legal overhead"), there may be a 
SIGINT connection.  The following text appeared in an AP wire story 
today about a purported Egyptian government document:

	But Dick Marty, a Swiss senator leading the probe on behalf of the 
	Council of Europe, said it was still not clear that the 
	document -- a fax reportedly sent by satellite transmission from 
	Egypt's Foreign Ministry to its embassy in London -- was 


	Marty also said he wondered how Swiss intelligence intercepted a 
	fax allegedly sent from Egypt to London.  

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