Richard Salz rsalz at
Tue Jan 3 19:11:01 EST 2006

> Is there any standard, better still existing code, for translating
> keys and certificates and suchlike to and from XML?

Base64-encoded DER.  It's what the XML security standards all (W3C/IETF 
XML Digital Signature, W3C/IETF XML Encryption, W3C XKMS, OASIS 
WS-Security, etc.) all use.  XML DSIG defines a raw public key format, but 
nobody uses that.
> I recollect an utterly useless standard for encrypted XML

I wonder what you're thinking of?  The W3C/IETF XML Encryption standard is 
*very* good at encrypting XML.  Were you thinking of that, and using it to 
do something else?


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