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Tue Jan 3 17:10:50 EST 2006

Jack Lloyd wrote:
> Some relevant and recent data: in some tests I ran this weekend (GMP 4.1.2,
> OpenSSL 0.9.8a, Athlon/gcc/Linux) RSA operations using GMP were somewhat faster
> than ones using OpenSSL even when blinding was used with both (typical
> performance boost was 15-20%).
> I'm assume "both of which are needed" should have been "at least one of which
> is needed"? AFAIK blinding alone can protect against all (publicly known)
> timing attacks; am I wrong about this?

Yes, you are - there's the cache attack, which requires the attacker to
have an account on the same machine. I guess I shouldn't have called it
constant time, since its really constant memory access that defends
against this.

Incidentally, I think the main component of the difference on Athlon,
like many other platforms, is simply a question of which library has
hand-optimised assembler for the platform. That is, it tells us little
about architectural differences and plenty about whether anyone has been
bothered to optimise for that particular platform recently.




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