Java: Helping the world build bigger idiots

Steve Furlong demonfighter at
Wed Sep 21 17:27:36 EDT 2005

On 9/20/05, Rich Salz <rsalz at> wrote:
> This is wandering way far afield of the list charter.  In an effort
> to maintain some relevance, I'll point out that code reviews, and
> crypto programming, are rarely done, and arguably shouldn't, by
> programming wizards.

If by that you mean, "Program dumb: avoid tricky code, avoid odd
usage, stick to the basics", I agree. Save your clever tricks for
hobby code and the snippets you use to score hot chicks. Critical
code, potentially dangerous code, and professional code should be
written simply and with the idioms standard to the language.

On a related note, I've worked a bit with avionics and embedded
medical software. The certification requirements for those bits of
critical code might be helpful for crypto programming.

There are no bad teachers, only defective children.

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