Clearing sensitive in-memory data in perl

Roy M. Silvernail roy at
Sat Sep 17 14:18:54 EDT 2005

Quoting Adam Shostack <adam at>:

> I recall that for a while if you used gets, the linker would
> complain.  I can't recall what platform this was on.  BSDi, maybe?

There used to be a fairly standard set of #defines along this line that were
added to <stdio.h> or some other standard header file.  Something like

#define strcpy          DONT_USE_STRCPY
#define strncpy         DONT_USE_STRNCPY
#define strcat          DONT_USE_STRCAT
#define strncat         DONT_USE_STRNCAT
#define gets            DONT_USE_GETS
#define sprintf         DONT_USE_SPRINTF

I don't think it was standard in any platform, though. More of an ad hoc
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