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The Department of Electrical Engineering at Columbia University invites you
to attend
Monday, September 19 - 3:00pm
Davis Auditorium (Schapiro/Host)

Host:  Professor Osgood

"Unbreakable Secret Key Distribution?
Quantum Cryptography and Optical Networks"


Matthew S. Goodman, Ph.D.,
Chief Scientist and Telcordia Fellow, Telcordia Technologies & Laboratory
for Telecommunications Sciences Red Bank, NJ and Adelphi, MD

Manifestly quantum mechanical behavior has had tremendously important
implications for the development of modern technology.  In this talk we
explore the impact of recent ideas and new approaches that quantum
information is having on future secure communications for high performance
optical networks. The talk will concentrate on quantum cryptography, which
offers the promise of unconditional security for communications, and
complements existing mathematically based cryptography, which is applied at
higher networking levels.  The talk will review the rapid progress in this
field as well as some very recent experimental results from the Telcordia
research group and its collaborations.  We will describe the impact that
this work is having on optical networking research and some early
commercial activities and will speculate on its broader commercial

Light refreshments will be served.  We look forward to seeing you there!

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