Clearing sensitive in-memory data in perl

Steve Furlong demonfighter at
Mon Sep 12 10:09:35 EDT 2005

On 9/11/05, Jason Holt <jason at> wrote:
> Securely deleting secrets is hard enough in C, much less high level languages.

But, but..Java is the be-all end-all!

Three years ago I advised a business/tech guy to avoid Java for crypto
and related purposes. I'll revise that somewhat in light of greater
experience and developments: Java is ok if you control the platform
it's running on and if the programmers were very careful. In practice,
that means I'd be willing to do the server-side programming in Java if
I (or my employer or client) controlled the server. I'm not happy
about doing client-side programming in Java for arbitrary users, but
users in a controlled business environment is ok. From a user's
perspective, I'd be _really_ cautious about using a crypto app written
in Java.

FWIW, lately I've been earning my daily bread with Java server-side
programming. Fortunately for me, it's been mostly crap work, where it
doesn't really matter if data leaks or someone cracks in. Considering
that I don't control any of the J2EE or database servers and for the
most part they're administered by poorly-trained monkeys, I'd have a
really tough ethical call if my clients wanted me to do some work
where security really mattered.

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