[PracticalSecurity] Anonymity - great technology but hardly used

Jörn Schmidt joern2473 at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 26 10:09:23 EDT 2005

--- "Travis H." <solinym at gmail.com> wrote:

> Another issue involves the ease of use when switching between a
> [slower] anonymous service and a fast non-anonymous service.  I have
> a
> tool called metaprox on my website (see URL in sig) that allows you
> to
> choose what proxies you use on a domain-by-domain basis.  Something
> like this is essential if you want to be consistent about accessing
> certain sites only through an anonymous proxy.  Short of that,
> perhaps
> a Firefox plug-in that allows you to select proxies with a single
> click would be useful.

You can already do the latter with SwitchProxy
(http://www.roundtwo.com/product/switchproxy). Basically, it's a
Firefox extension that saves you the trouble of going into the
'preferences' dialogue everytime you want to switch from one proxy to
another (or go from using a proxy to not using one, that is).

It works like a charm with tor and a local proxy. 

It also has a "Anonymizer mode", which cycles through a list of proxies
in an attempt to give you some kind of pseudo-anonymity (which I guess
is good enough for many people).


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