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Thu Oct 20 11:06:08 EDT 2005


I would like to notify you all of a new mailing list forum which I 
opened. It is called "Practical Security" and is aimed at discussing 
security measures in the context of real problems in real projects. 
It has a much narrower scope than the Cryptography mailing list and 
by no means intends to replace it or to compete with it.

 From the mailing list info page:

This forum discusses applications of cryptographic protocols as well 
as other security techniques, such as (but not limited to) methods 
for authentication, data protection, reverse-engineering protection, 
denial-of-service protection, and digital rights management. The 
forum also discusses implementation pitfalls to avoid. This forum 
does not discuss theoretical and/or mathematical aspects of 
cryptography. Neither does the forum discuss particular 
vulnerabilities of commercial products, such as what one may find in BugTraq.
Joining this mailing list is especially recommended to professionals 
who design security systems and to application designers who are also 
responsible for the security aspects of their products.

I confess that at the moment of writing the list has just a few 
participants, but I project that it will grow much larger.

To subscribe visit or send a 
blank message to practicalsecurity-subscribe at

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