NSA Suite B Cryptography

Alexander Klimov alserkli at inbox.ru
Mon Oct 17 09:59:51 EDT 2005

On Fri, 14 Oct 2005, Sidney Markowitz wrote:
> Does this prevent free software interoperability with Suite B standards?
> It potentially could be used to block non-US vendors, certainly anyone
> who is in the US Government's disfavor, but it seems to me that even
> with no further intentional action by the NSA it would preclude software
> under the GPL and maybe FOSS in general in countries in which the
> patents are valid.

Since it turns out that ECDH and ECDSA with EC(GF_p) (even with point
compression) are not patented the following can be considered as

  All implementations of Suite B must, at a minimum, include AES with
  128-bit keys, the 256-bit prime modulus elliptic curve and SHA-256
  as a common mode for widespread interoperability. [...] ECDH is
  appropriate for incorporation of Suite B into many existing Internet
  protocols such as the Internet Key Exchange (IKE), Transport Layer
  Security (TLS), and Secure MIME (S/MIME).


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