[Clips] Schwarzenegger signs law to punish phishing

Hasan Diwan hasan.diwan at gmail.com
Mon Oct 3 14:03:58 EDT 2005

. On Sep 30, 2005, at 8:48 PM, R.A. Hettinga wrote:

>  Schwarzenegger signs law to punish phishing

Uhh... how is this to be enforced? I assume that the law states that  
the perpetrators will be charged, not the companies that are phished.  
Concrete example may clarify:

Someone purporting to be eBay sends a note to me. I click on it,  
enter my credit card number, expiration date, and other information  
to make it possible to steal my identity. I'm in California. When  
said identity theft is discovered, I cite this law and the fact that  
I'm a victim of said "phishing". Would I recover the US$500,000 from  
my credit card company, eBay, or the state government?

Hasan Diwan <hasan.diwan at gmail.com>

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