how to phase in new hash algorithms?

Christopher Wolf chris at
Mon Mar 21 02:52:38 EST 2005


Ian G wrote:

> Steven M. Bellovin wrote:
>> So -- what should we as a community be doing now?  There's no 
>> emergency on SHA1, but we do need to start, and soon.
> The wider question is how to get moving on new hash
> algorithms.  That's a bit tricky.
> Normally we'd look to see NIST or the NESSIE guys
> lead a competition.  But NESSIE just finished a
> comp, and may not have the appetite for another.

NESSIE is now called Ecrypt and _does_ do something on Hash functions, see

It's not a call for a new hash function, I admit this, but I guess it's
too early for something like this anyway at the moment.


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