comments wanted on gbde

Roland Dowdeswell elric at
Sun Mar 6 14:39:50 EST 2005

I have started writing up a bit of an analysis of GBDE, which I
would like to have people comment on before I continue with it.
I.e. am I onto something here or not? I wrote this up very quickly
over a few sleepless nights while trying to get my normal work done
before I left on vacation, so please bear with me.  The explanations
are rather empirical.  I am planning to put some mathematics in
there eventually.  At least after I return from my vacation.

I think that I have demonstrated that there are weak master keys
which can be used to construct an attack in < 2^128 steps on
individual sectors.  I also discuss dictionary attacks and construct
another attack which is more difficult than brute forcing each
sector, but a little less time consuming than GBDE's author claims
it should be.

The URL is:


    Roland Dowdeswell                      http://www.Imrryr.ORG/~elric/

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