An interesting "new" computer security problem

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Mon Sep 27 14:58:31 EDT 2004

note that was being done with virtual machines in the 60s .... well before 
the orange book

there were also a number of commercial time-sharing companies offering 
services based on virtual machine technology where possibly mutually 
antagonistic clients were using the services.

we had a service that had some of the most sensitive corporate secrets 
there were .... on the same machine with all sorts of BU, MIT, and harvard 

random past references to some of the in-house as well as commerical 
(virtual machine based) time-sharing services from the 60s & 70s:

At 11:03 PM 9/24/2004, Peter Gutmann wrote:
>A few days ago I was chatting with some people working on a government IT
>project who had a rather complex security problem that they needed help with.
>They have a large number of users with Windows dumb terminals (think Xterms
>but for Windows) connected to a central ASP server, which runs various
>mutually untrusted apps from different vendors.  Their problem was that they
>needed a means of securing the individual apps from each other.
>I told them that they were in luck, and this exact problem had already been
>addressed before.  I'd drop off the detailed technical specs for the solution
>when I next saw them, they could recognise it by its bright orange cover.
>(Actually it wasn't quite that simple and easily solveable: The ASP server is
>  untrusted as well, it just acts as a middleman for back-ends located at
>  various locations, and only the back-ends are trusted.  I figured giving 
> them
>  the Orange Book would be easier than trying to explain that they had an
>  unsolveable problem on their hands).
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