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Tue Sep 7 07:19:18 EDT 2004

Hi, it's me again.
first, thank you for all the answers. second, im sorry for the lack of
details, I should have added some info, which is:
1. I'm a 2nd year student of BA in Computer Science, I finished 5
courses, 3 in Programming (Intoduction A to Computer Science,
Introduction B to Computer Science, and Software Development in UNIX
[in all of them we were writing codes in C] ) and 2 courses in math
(Discrete Math 1 and Discrete Math 2). so basically that is my
mathematical knowledge. also now im about to start the courses
Differential and Integral math, and Linear math.

2. I went to the online Library Catalog and searched for the keyword
"Cryptography", and these were the results:

- Cryptography : theory and practice: 2nd ed. / Douglas R. Stinson
- Defending your digital assets against hackers, crackers, spies and
thieves / Randall K. Nichols, Daniel J. Ryan, Julie J. C. H. Ryan
- Cryptography and network security : principles and practice /
William Stallings
- Handbook of applied cryptography / Alfred J. Menezes, Paul C. van
Oorschot, Scott A. Vanstone
- Practical cryptography for data internetworks / William Stallings
- Disappearing cryptography : being and nothingness on the Net / Peter Wayner
- Protect your privacy : the PGP user's guide / William Stallings
- Cryptography : theory and practice: 1st ed. / Douglas R. Stinson

As you can see, no Schneier here.
That's it, I think that's all what I wanted to add.
So now what book do you recommend?
Thanks alot in advance,

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