MCI set to offer secure two-way messaging with strong encryption

Dan Veeneman dan at
Thu Oct 28 19:04:08 EDT 2004

At 01:16 PM 10/28/04, you wrote:
> > MCI Inc. will offer secure two-way messaging through its SkyTel
> > Communications subsidiary next month, encrypting wireless text
> > with the Advanced Encryption Algorithm.

This service has been available to U.S. Government customers
for at least seven years, albeit not always with AES.  SkyTel
was keenly aware that capturing and decoding their paging
traffic was well within the means of even casual hobbyists.

>Note that they don't say it's "end to end" encryption:
> > Messages are encrypted between the device and an encryption server
> > at SkyTel's secure network operations center.
>And presumably wiretappable there.



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