New IBM Thinkpad includes biometrics

Peter Gutmann pgut001 at
Fri Oct 22 00:23:07 EDT 2004

Anne & Lynn Wheeler <lynn at> writes:

>one of the market targets of biometrics has been those that write their
>password on their machine (or don't even bother with a password).

Even that may not be a valid market target.  If your threat model is script
kiddies/hackers in eastern Europe (that is, generic un-targeted attacks, the
most common type) then writing your password on a post-it note is a perfectly
acceptable response, because the one thing a script kiddie can't do is get
physical access to your desk.  So the primary market for biometrics would
really be people for whom passwords are too much effort (as the former US
biometrics czar said, they're for convenience, not security).


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