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4th Annual PKI R&D Workshop: Multiple Paths to Trust
April 19-21, 2005
NIST -- Gaithersburg, MD
Papers and Proposals Due: October 29, 2004

Registration Fee: $125.00

This workshop considers the full range of public key technology used
for security decisions and supporting functionalities, including
authentication, authorization, identity (syndication, federation, and
aggregation), and trust.  This year, the workshop has a particular
interest in how PKI and emerging trust mechanisms will interact with
each other at technical, policy and user levels to support trust
models that lack a central authority.  This workshop has three goals:

1. Explore the current state of public key technology and
   emerging trust mechanisms in different domains including
   web services; grid technologies; authentication systems,
   et al., in academia, research, government, and industry.

2. Share & discuss lessons learned and scenarios from vendors
   and practitioners on current deployments.

3. Provide a forum for leading security researchers to explore
   the issues relevant to PKI space in areas of security
   management, identity, trust, policy, authentication, and


We solicit papers, case studies, panel proposals, and participation
from researchers, systems architects, vendor engineers, and users.
Submitted works should address one or more critical areas of inquiry.

Topics include (but are not limited to):

* Federated versus Non-Federated trust models
* Standards related to PKI and security decision systems such as
  x509, SDSI/SPKI, PGP, XKMS, XACML, XRML, XML signature, and SAML.
* Cryptographic and alternative methods for supporting security
  decisions, including the characterization and encoding of data
* Intersection of policy based systems and PKI
* Privacy protection and implications
* Scalability of security systems
* Security of the components of PKI systems
* Security Infrastructures for constrained environments
* Improved human factor designs for security-related interfaces
  including authorization and policy management, naming, use of
  multiple private keys, and selective disclosure
* New paradigms in PKI architectures
* Reports of real-world experience with the use and deployment of
  PKI, including future research directions

Deadlines for conference paper and panel submissions are:

* Papers and Proposals Due: October 29, 2004
* Authors Notified:         December 10, 2004
* Final Materials Due:      February 18, 2005

Submissions should be provided electronically, in PDF, for standard
US letter-size paper (8.5 x 11 inches). Paper submissions must not
exceed 15 pages (single space, two column format with 1" margins
using a 10 pt or larger font) and have no header or footer text
(e.g., no page numbers). Proposals for panels should be no longer
than five pages and include possible panelists and an indication of
which panelists have confirmed availability.

Please submit the following information to pkichairs at

* Name, affiliation, email, phone, postal address for the primary
  contact author
* First name, last name, and affiliation of each co-author
* The finished paper in PDF format as an attachment

All submissions will be acknowledged.

Submissions of papers must not substantially duplicate work that any
of the authors have published elsewhere or have submitted in parallel
to any other conferences or journals.

Accepted papers will be published in a proceedings of the workshop.


The registration fee of $125 per person includes workshop materials,
coffee breaks, lunches, and a dinner.  There will be no on-site
registration. Please pre-register by April 12, 2005 at

Teresa Vicente
Phone: (301) 975-3883
Fax: (301) 948-2067
email: teresa.vicente at

An agenda will be available in late December at


A block of rooms has been reserved at the Gaithersburg Holiday Inn,
(301) 948-8900, at a special rate of $99, single or double, plus 12%
tax. Reservations must be received by April 4, 2005, in order to
receive the special rate.  Please mention you are attending the
"NIST/PKI Workshop".

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