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 Deworming the Internet


University of Texas at Austin - School of Law

Texas Law Review, Vol. 83, No. 1

 Both law enforcement and markets for software standards have failed to
solve the problem of software that is vulnerable to infection by
network-transmitted worms. Consequently, regulatory attention should turn
to the publishers of worm-vulnerable software. Although ordinary tort
liability for software publishers may seem attractive, it would interact in
unpredictable ways with the winner-take-all nature of competition among
publishers of mass-market, internet-connected software. More tailored
solutions are called for, including mandatory "bug bounties" for those who
find potential vulnerabilities in software, minimum quality standards for
software, and, once the underlying market failure is remedied, liability
for end users who persist in using worm-vulnerable software.

Keywords: Worms, viruses, software, market failure, network externality,
negative externality, perverse incentives, tort liability, lemons
equilibrium, regulation

JEL Classifications: K29, K13, L86, 031


 Accepted Paper Series


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 Barnes, Douglas A, "Deworming the Internet"  .  Texas Law Review, Vol. 83,
No. 1

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