[CYBERIA] A VERY significant DMCA case

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Subject: [CYBERIA] A VERY significant DMCA case

This just came to my attention.  I don't know if it's
been mentioned here before, since I only read this
list intermittently.  Still...

Lexmark International Inc. v. Static Control
Components Inc., 6th Cir., No. 03-5400 10/26/04

This case appears to be a ringing blow against the
DMCA, and against copyright fascism in general.  The
Sixth Circuit, vacating a grant of preliminary
injunction, held that a program was likely
uncopyrightable, because unoriginal, because its
functional requirements merged with its expression.
It further concluded that the DMCA can't be used to
protect such an un-copyrightable work.

Because this was before the court on review of a
preliminary injunction, it's not terribly definitive
on the facts -- but as a statement of law -- it seems
very promising.


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