SSL accel cards

Jack Lloyd lloyd at
Sun May 23 13:34:29 EDT 2004

Does anyone know of an SSL acceleration card that actually works under
Linux/*BSD? I've been looking at vendor web pages (AEP, Rainbow, etc), and
while they all claim to support Linux, Googling around all I find are people
saying "Where can I get drivers? The ones <vendor> shipped only work on RedHat
5.2 with a 2.0.36 kernel." (or some similar 4-6 year old system), and certainly
they don't (gasp) make updated versions available for download. Because someone
might... what, steal the driver? Anyway...

What I'm specifically looking for is a PCI card that can do fast modexp, and
that I can program against on a Linux/*BSD box. Onboard DES/AES/SHA-1/whatever
would be fun to play with but not extremely important.


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