Hyperencryption by virtual satellite

Ivan Krstic ccikrs1 at cranbrook.edu
Thu May 20 12:07:27 EDT 2004

"As part of the Harvard University Science Center Lecture Series, 
Michael O. Rabin, the T.J. Watson Sr. Professor of Computer Science at 
Harvard University, lectures on hyper-encryption and provably 
everlasting secrets.

In this lecture, Professor Rabin confronts the failure of present-day 
computer systems to provide minimal network security. As a solution, 
Professor Rabin presents the theory of hyper-encryption and attempts to 
prove its security against an adversary possessing unlimited computer 
power. This hyper-encryption method provides secure data exchange even 
if the adversary mounts an adaptive attack and obtains the secret 
decryption key.

This program features over an hour of video content available in 
RealPlayer, QuickTime, and WindowsMedia formats."

View here: http://athome.harvard.edu/dh/hvs.html


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