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Linda Casals lindac at dimacs.rutgers.edu
Wed Jan 7 11:58:00 EST 2004

     DIMACS/PORTIA Workshop on Privacy-Preserving Data Mining
     March 15 - 16, 2004
     DIMACS Center, Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ


   Cynthia Dwork, Microsoft, dwork at microsoft.com  
   Benny Pinkas, HP Labs, benny.pinkas at hp.com  
   Rebecca Wright, Stevens Institute of Technology, 
            rwright at cs.stevens-tech.edu 

Presented under the auspices of the Special Focus on Communication
Security and Information Privacy, and the PORTIA project.


This workshop and working group will bring together researchers and
practitioners in cryptography, data mining, and other areas to discuss
privacy-preserving data mining. The workshop sessions on March 15 and
16, 2004 will consist of invited talks and discussion. March 17, 2004
will be a "working group" of invited participants to identify and
explore approaches that could serve as the basis for more
sophisticated algorithms and implementations than presently exist, and
to discuss directions for further research and collaboration.

Both the workshop and working group will investigate the construction
and exploitation of "private" databases, e.g.

 * Merging information from multiple data sets in a consistent,
   secure, efficient and privacy-preserving manner;
 * Sanitizing databases to permit privacy-preserving public study.

In a wide variety of applications it would be useful to be able to
gather information from several different data sets. The owners of
these data sets may not be willing, or legally able, to share their
complete data with each other. The ability to collaborate without
revealing information could be instrumental in fostering inter-agency

Particular topics of interest include:

    * Secure multi-party computation. This is a very general and 
      well-studied paradigm that unfortunately has not been used in
      practice so far. We will investigate ways to make it more
      efficient and encourage its deployment.
    * Statistical techniques such as data swapping,
      post-randomization, and perturbation.
    * Articulation of different notions and aspects of privacy.
    * Tradeoffs between privacy and accuracy.
    * Architectures that facilitate private queries by a
      (semi-trusted) third party.
    * Methods for handling different or incompatible formats, 
      and erroneous data. We will investigate ideas from dimension 
      reduction, clustering and searching strategy.


Participation in the workshop (March 15 and 16, 2004) is open to
anyone who registers (no submission necessary but registration is
required). Participation in the working group on March 17, 2004 is
limited, and by invitation only, because of the emphasis on achieving
a high degree of interactivity and discussion. Workshop participants
who are interested in participating in the working group session
should send a 1-page abstract or position paper describing their work
relevant to this workshop to dimacs-wg at cs.stevens-tech.edu. All
submissions must be received by February 8, 2004 and authors will be
notified by February 15, 2004 as to whether they have been accepted to
participate in the working group. In addition, the authors of some
submissions may be invited to present short talks about their
work. Submissions may describe ongoing or planned work related to the
area of the working group, or they may discuss important research
problems or propose a research agenda in this area.

Registration Fees:

(Pre-registration deadline: March 8, 2004)

Regular Rate 
Preregister before deadline $120/day 
After preregistration deadline  $140/day

Reduced Rate*
Preregister before deadline $60/day
After preregistration deadline $70/day

Preregister before deadline $10/day 
After preregistration deadline $15/day

DIMACS Postdocs $0 

Non-Local Graduate & Undergraduate students 
Preregister before deadline $5/day 
After preregistration deadline $10/day

Local Graduate & Undergraduate students $0
(Rutgers & Princeton) 

DIMACS partner institution employees** $0 

DIMACS long-term visitors*** $0 

Registration fee to be collected on site, cash, check, VISA/Mastercard

Our funding agencies require that we charge a registration fee during
the course of the workshop. Registration fees include participation in
the workshop, all workshop materials, breakfast, lunch, breaks and any
scheduled social events (if applicable).

* College/University faculty and employees of nonprofit and government
organizations will automatically receive the reduced rate. Other
participants may apply for a reduction of fees. They should email
their request for the reduced fee to the Workshop Coordinator at
workshop at dimacs.rutgers.edu. Include your name, the Institution you
work for, your job title and a brief explanation of your
situation. All requests for reduced rates must be received before the
pre-registration deadline. You will promptly be notified as to the
decision about it.

** Fees for employees of DIMACS partner institutions are
waived. DIMACS partner institutions are: Rutgers University, Princeton
University, AT&T Labs - Research, Bell Labs, NEC Laboratories America
and Telcordia Technologies. Fees for employees of DIMACS affiliate
members Avaya Labs, IBM Research and Microsoft Research are also

***DIMACS long-term visitors who are in residence at DIMACS for two or
more weeks inclusive of dates of workshop.

Information on participation, registration, accomodations, and travel 
can be found at:




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