Any good books or URLs for WinXP crypto & security?

Bob Baldwin PlusFive baldwin at
Fri Jan 2 17:19:17 EST 2004

     I am looking for good books and/or URLs on
the best practices for securing a standalone laptop
running WinXP.  How should the built-in crypto be
configured?  Is the built-in crypto worth using or
is there an add-on product that is much better?  
Is there any public review of the built-in crypto 
design?  I am very familiar with the CryptoAPI and 
CSP layers, but not the file/folder/partition layers.
    Where is a good checklist of service to turn off
and things to configure carefully? 
     Yes, I know that a custom Linux system would be 
better, but that is not an option.
              --Bob Baldwin
                 Partner, Plus Five Consulting, Inc.
                 baldwin at, voice & fax: 1-650-852-9675

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