Microsoft .NET PRNG (fwd)

Ben Laurie ben at
Sun Aug 22 10:59:18 EDT 2004

Anton Stiglic wrote:

> There is some detail in the FIPS 140 security policy of Microsoft's
> cryptographic provider, for Windows XP and Windows 2000.  See for example
> where they say the RNG is based on FIPS 186 RNG using SHS.  The seed is
> based on the collection of allot of data, enumerated in the security policy.
> I would guess that what is written is true, less NIST would look very bad if
> someone reversed engineered the code and showed that what they certified was
> wrong.
> So based on that it would seem that the PRNG in recent Microsoft
> cryptographic providers is o.k.

That's if you think FIPS 186 is OK, which by many standards, it is not 
(I had occasion to look at it closely when doing FIPS 140 for OpenSSL).




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