RFCs that reference MD5

Anne & Lynn Wheeler lynn at garlic.com
Fri Aug 20 23:46:13 EDT 2004

I've made a number of modifications to my rfc index.

if you go to the main url

you'll see a new note about list of RFCs that have some MD5 references in
thier text (i.e. grep on "md5" with some number of eliminations)

the display is my standard summary format; if you click on the ".txt=nnnn"
field it retrieves the actual RFC

removed from the list are Obsoleted and/or Historic RFCs.

I've also scanned (actually some gawk) all the RFCs attempting to recognize
any References section and pull out list of referenced RFC numbers.

That information is now added to the RFC summary listings ... in manner
similar to the obsoletes/obsoletedby and updated/updatedby fields ... i.e.

RFCs that are referenced by other RFCs now show the list of "Ref'ed By").
the summary listing for 1321 now looks like:

1321 I
     The MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm, Rivest R., 1992/04/16 (21pp)
     (.txt=35222) (Ref'ed By 1352, 1446, 1479, 1544, 1751, 1828, 1910,
     1994, 2264, 2274, 2409, 2938, 3012, 3110, 3174, 3208, 3224, 3230,
     3275, 3414, 3631, 3652, 3797)

note that the RFCs mentioned md5 are more than the ones that include
RFC 1321 in their references section (and/or I wasn't able to
correctly recognize some references sections).

Anne & Lynn Wheeler    http://www.garlic.com/~lynn/ 

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